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150ml/ 250ml
Simply Gel has the capacity to penetrate the layers of skin, thus assisting an incredible curative effect for problems such as cuts, burns and many other skin irritations. The Aloe content is just over 97% together with the small addition of Vitamin E and Comfrey.
150ml / 250ml
This powerful gel has amazing powers to relieve many painful problems. The wonderful thing with this product is that it works on everyone!
A rich cream with a superb capacity to help regenerate the cells of seriously damaged skin. This product contains absolutely no water, which is a known irritant to Psoriasis sufferers.
A great shampoo for sufferers of skin complaints of the scalp. As with the Regenerating Cream, it has a high concentration of plant oils to smooth and nourish the hair and scalp.
A pleasant tasting tooth gel that refreshes the mouth and helps control bleeding gums, gingivitis and other dental problems.
A long lasting roll-on deodorant which does not contain Aluminium. This product is gentle yet effective for even the most sensitive skins.
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